Lawsuit over Misdiagnosis of Cancer Settles

A legal action raised against provincial health-care system by a sufferer of misdiagnosis of cancer in 2007 has reached settlement and no transaction of payment took place.

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency came under the legal action, after Crystal Bonderud filed a $1-million lawsuit against it four years back for being negligent towards her husband Doug and detecting adequately the cancer in him that lead to his death.

The suit had been settled earlier this year and the agreement was confidential, so the terms could not be revealed, as expressed by Bonderud.

Gladys Wasylenchuk, spokesperson for the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency said that the case was settled in February by Court of Queen's Bench and without incurring any costs.

In an interview on Tuesday, Bonderud stated that she was glad that the case was settled as she could not carry it for the whole lifetime.

Bonderud’s husband was not diagnosed adequately with two gastrointestinal stromal tumours in 2005 during his treatment at Saskatchewan for nine months. But, when the disease got detected it was too late as the cancer had spread to a great extent. Though, the doctors at Mayo Clinic operated him and removed a plate-sized tumour, but he met death in 2006.

The case also became a political debate in 2006 and 2007. Bonderud’s lawsuit was supported by the Saskatchewan Party. She was promised to pay $52,000 as reimbursement in 2007 on the recommendation of the provincial ombudsman, but the Government made the declaration before the recommendation was announced formally.

Health Minister Don McMorris said, “I am glad the two sides have come to an agreement”.