Mobile Phones Responsible for Triggering Nickel Allergies

An allergy is a condition, which can be slightly irritating and also be fatal for a person and they do happen to be very inquisitive as allergies can be caused from anything. A strange, yet a surprising fact about allergies are that even talking on the phone can trigger an allergy.

The reason why, allergies can be triggered through a phone is because phones contain the metal nickel and when nickel comes in contact with a person it results in the reaction.

While talking about allergies, Luz Fonacier, an ACAAI Fellow states that increased usage of cell phones usually results in people suffering from nickel allergies because of an extended exposure to the metal. He adds that people end up coming to him for dry and itchy patches without the slightest idea of what could be the reason behind allergic reactions.

It needs to be noted that nickel allergies affect almost one-fifth women and 3% men and can trigger a reaction even when someone talks over the phone, as even a slight contact with nickel can result in the allergy surfacing up. Apart from the mobile, nickel allergies are also caused from coins, paper clips and keys.

Apart from nickel, allergies from tattoos and cosmetics also affect a lot of people. According to Fonacier the best way to reduce such allergies is to delay the introduction of piercings among children until they are not older than
10-years old.