Binge-drinking ‘epidemic’ costing Britain £2.7 billion per year

According to a recent report by the NHS Confederation and Royal College of Physicians, a mammoth share of NHS’ cost for injuries and illness goes to the Britain’s binge-drinking ‘epidemic’, which sucks a whopping £2.7 billion every year.

The rather disquieting report has clearly revealed that the country’s heavy drinking culture is putting “unsustainable burden” on the healthcare system, with the staggering cost of rampant boozing treatment having increased more than twofold as compared to the five-year back figures.

The report further added that the escalating levels of heavy drinking are responsible for creating a crisis that might spell a substantial increase in related diseases in the coming ten-year period.

Blaming celebrity drinkers like Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty for being poor role models, Nigel Edwards, the confederation’s director of policy, said: : “There are things that opinion- leaders, the media, the newspapers and some of the celebrity culture that tends to encourage this could look at.”

With a large part of the costs for treatment of binge-drinking falling on hospitals and ambulance services, Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians has called for a change in attitude.

Gilmore said: “The role of the NHS should not just be about treating the consequences of alcohol-related harm but also about active prevention, early intervention, and working in partnership with services in local communities to raise awareness of alcohol-related harm.”