Gene Responsible for Stinginess in People

A recently conducted study has stated that one-fourth of people carry a gene, which makes them more frugal, when it comes to spending. The gene is called COMT and has two varieties, an A and a G version.

In the study, participants were asked by researchers to gamble on a computer game, in which they could donate the proceeds of the game to poor children living in Peru. In order to create sympathy among the people involved in the study, a photo of a 6-year old girl was shown to the participants.

It was discovered by the scientists that people who had the G version of the gene gave away all their proceeds from the game. While, those who had the A variant gave away less than half of the earnings from the game.

The study has appeared in the Journal known as Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. The people in the study were more likely to borrow cash for bus fares and pay back the borrowed cash on rare occasions.

People with the A version of the gene were also more likely to pay for what they have ordered in a restaurant, rather than splitting the bill from the restaurant equally.