Haiti's Deadly Cholera Epidemic

It is surprising that the capital city of Port-au-Prince, the most densely populated part of Haiti has not reported any cases of the cholera epidemic and almost all the reported cases are from northern parts of the island nation.

Though it is being said that the outbreak is slowing down but as per reports, till date more than 300 people are said to have died of cholera and 4,000 have been hospitalized

There has reportedly been a rise in the number of cases and fatalities, this being the second week since the outbreak was declared by the Government.

NPR correspondent Christopher Joyce says there has been a downfall in the number of cases being reported in comparison with the beginning when the epidemic had just erupted.

He says that having visited several towns, he now feels that the worst is over. He further said that since people had now began to move out of towns there was a probability that they had been carrying the bacterium in them. Also, these bacteria could be asymptomatic, refusing to show signs and symptoms of the disease.

“And so there's a huge education campaign going on to prevent people from, at least to prepare people, and hopefully so that it won't come here, or if it does it won't spread”, he said.