Story of Breast Cancer Survivor

In the wake of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Linda K. Walker-Kennedy, Associate Professor of English shares her story of battle with breast cancer. She got her doctorate from the University of Oklahoma and has been teaching at Baylor since 1974.

Walker-Kennedy was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 13, 2010. She didn't only educate herself about the disease but also shares her experiences with her students and others. She had been undergoing annual mammogram. She told that her tumor was so small that radiologist said that it would take two or three years to develop.

She urged every woman aged 40 years or older to get yearly mammogram and women under 40 to check breast cancer by monthly self-exams.

Her breast cancer was found at the Hillcrest Center for Breast Screening in Waco, where her annual mammograms were performed. During her first mammogram in December, she was asked to come for the second one. But, she was assured that her tumour is curable.

She told that she underwent lumpectomy, which didn't affect her physical stature and she didn't require reconstruction and plastic surgery.

Walker-Kennedy also shared her experience with a Houston freshman named Linnea, who was also detected with breast cancer in August and her tumour was of the size 0.4 centimeters. She was glad that she was sharing her experience with a number of people through the article.