PCA lends support to oil plant construction in Roxas, Zamboanga del Norte

Philippine Coconut Authority, being aware of the benefits to be provided to the people of the area, offered its full support to the construction of the oil plant that is going - on in Upper Irasan, Roxas, Zamboanga Norte.

This statement came from the newly appointed Coconut Development Officer in Rexas, is in reaction to the report published by PCA revealing that the delay in the construction was purposely created.

He further added that PCA has just done its duty for forbidding the person who cuts the coconut tree without the permission from the regional and central offices.

PCA has also invited clinical and medical researchers to ensure the success and worldwide acceptability.

DECICOM, when visited the PCA office for getting clearance to cut coconut trees was asked to submit their requirement in general for assessing the number of trees to be cut.

In the mean time PCA has also warned the people about illegal cutting of branches of the coconut trees.

Garin said, ""Nine years after the market launch of the virgin coconut oil, what we have secured so far is a rapidly growing market which gives credence to the health enhancing capabilities of the product as spread by personal testimonies and anecdotal stories of people from around the world.