Ladbrokes Bingo offers an iPod Nano prize for support the Breast Cancer Campaign

Breast Cancer Care revealed that in UK, every 11 minutes one person is being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The new site, Pink Ribbon Bingo is closely monitoring the fund raising efforts throughout the year and thus lending a helping hand to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity by donating 15 percent of the net income.

William Hill Bingo is currently in the half way of fund collection effort and has collected£2,000, which are to be shared between five different cancer related organizations which includes: Macmillan Cancer Support, Walk the Walk, Breast Cancer Care, Marie Curie Cancer Care and Cancer Research UK.

Ladbrokes Bingo is giving five new pink iPod Nanos to the players in order to encourage them for maximum participation.

On the purchase of the 12 tickets, the player will be benefitted by one entry in to the Wear It Pink prize draw that is scheduled for Friday, 29th October at 8pm.

Canadian researchers have revealed that the women having the maternal history of cancer are five times more prone to get infected with breast cancer.

Policy manager of the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Dr Caitlin Palframan, said "We know that a family history on the father's side is sometimes overlooked as a risk factor for breast cancer, but it's important to know that faulty genes can be inherited from the father, as well as the mother. However, this is unusual as only around one in 20 of all breast cancers are due to inherited faults in known genes."