Saskatchewan Leads the Pack in the Number of Smokers

A two-day conference on how to help people in quitting smoking is currently underway in Saskatoon. The congregation is being held by the Saskatchewan government, as a part of its concerted efforts to reduce the number of smokers in the province.

While talking about the number of people in the province, who smoke, a social researcher, Dr. Chad Nilson stated that there were around 20% people in Saskatchewan above the age of 15, who smoked. Dr. Nilson had recently conducted a study for the government related to smokers in the province.

Dr. Nilson further added that the number of people, who smoked in Saskatchewan, was the highest in the country. Besides that the numbers of First Nations people in the province were also found to be very fond of smoking, with more than half the population of First Nations people smoking.

While talking about the government’s next move to curb smoking, the Health Minister Don McMorris stated that the provincial government would be looking to stop pharmacies from selling cigarettes. The plans of the government related to stop the sale of cigarettes at pharmacies would come into action next year by the month of April.

Earlier this year, the government had in order to discourage smoking had banned smoking in school playgrounds and vehicles, with children present inside.