Alzheimer's Disease- One of the Leading Causes of Death

In the year 2007, a report had been released by the Alzheimer's Association which put forth that, as many as 5.1 million people in the United States had Alzheimer's disease. This number was likely to exceed 15 million by the next generation.

Alzheimer's disease is believed to be one of the leading causes of death after cardiovascular disease, cancer and cerebrovascular disease.

The disease is said to be the most common cause of dementia and its symptoms include memory loss; impaired judgment and decision-making capacity; a decline in the ability to perform daily living activities; changes in behavior, mood and personality; and increasing dependence on caregivers.

In people above the age of 65, this disease is most prevalent. Falls, severe cognitive decline and function impairment, and the development of Parkinsonian signs are some of the reasons leading to death among Alzheimer's patients.

When talking of the cost of treatment, Alzheimer comes out to be the third most expensive disease soon after cardiovascular disease and cancer. As much as $18,000, per patient is said to be spent per year for mild Alzheimer's, and this varies with progression and severity of the disease.

Cognitive behaviour neurologist Prof Dr Bhaskara P. Shelley from the Father Muller Medical College in Karnataka, India says "If people live healthily and keep vascular problem, diabetes, hypertension and visceral obesity at bay, it would help in the long term to prevent dementia".