Cholera Pandemic Takes Life of 135 Quake Affected Haiti People

It has been estimated that at least 135 people in central Haiti has succumbed to a suspected cholera pandemic and hundreds of people are lying in the hospital suffering with the illness.

A sight of hundred of patients with drips in their arms was witnessed in the car parking of St. Nicholas hospital in the port city of St. Marc. The doctors in Caribbean had been examining people against cholera, typhoid and other illnesses across the nation since the earthquake in January that took life of about 300,000 masses.

So far, 135 deaths and over 1,000 infected people had been reported by the Caribbean nation's health ministry, as stated by Catherine Huck, Deputy Country Director for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. She added that still more positive cases could come, as doctors were waiting for lab results.

Claude Surena, President of the Haitian Medical Association suspected the condition to be caused by Cholera, but said that Government had not affirmed so yet.

People with illnesses from the rural Artibonite region, which provided shelter to many a victims of the earthquake are also coming to the region to get themselves checked against cholera. People have been recommended by the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince to drink only boiled or bottled water and consume thoroughly cooked food.