ARONAH Established to Counter Fake Alternative Medicine Providers

In order to improve the standard of services in the alternative health sector in Australia, Herbalists and Naturopaths in the country would be required to get themselves registered if they want to continue their practice.

The practitioners would have to register themselves with the Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists (ARONAH). ARONAH has principally been established to streamline the standard of functioning amongst naturopaths and herbalists in Australia.

Gerald Quigley, a renowned pharmacist and herbalist has expressed happiness about the development. While talking to Pharmacy eNews, he further added that such a move should not meet with any kind of resistance from practitioners, as it would help in improving the quality of services being provided by naturopaths and herbalists.

The reputation of naturopaths and herbalists would definitely see an improvement, with the introduction of the register, as there would be a certain degree of accountability for registered practitioners in comparison to unregistered practitioners.

The Chairman for the ARONAH Board, Angela Doolan stated that the new register would provide help to people in seeking alternate medicine. She added that the introduction would help in thwarting the problem of self-made herbalists, who do not have any training whatsoever and start shops to befool unsuspecting patients.