Huhne decides in UK Energy Matters: 8 New Nuclear Energy Stations

Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, is accused of showing hypocritical behavior after he agreed to the implementation of eight nouvelle nuclear power stations.

Although the Minister of the Liberal Democrats conveyed a negative attitude towards additional nuclear energy stations during his election campaigns, he now expresses his consensus with the necessity to invest in new nuclear power.

This morning, the locations Bradwell in Essex, Hartlepool, Heysham in Lancashire, Hinkley Point in Somerset, Oldbury in South Gloucestershire, Sellafield in Cumbria, Sizewell in Suffolk and Wylfa in Anglesey were announced to become the locations of the new stations.

Huhne defends his decision by denying that he was ever opinioned against nuclear energy and that he is not willing to decide between renewable and new nuclear energy choices. According to the politician both combined will represent powerful energy sources for the UK in the future.

Huhne explains: 'We'll need renewables, new nuclear, fossil fuels with carbon capture and storage, and the cables to hook them all up to the Grid as a large slice of our current generating capacity shuts down.”

After having dropped major project ideas to introduce renewable energy projects such as for example building a barrage that would have used the massive tidal powers of the sea to produce green energy, the Government regards new nuclear stations as more effective and still the major way to satisfy UK’s energy consumers.

Nevertheless, critics question how the Ministry will be able to accomplish a decrease of greenhouse emissions of planned 80 % within the next 40 years.