Mental Health Service Not Adequate in SA

In order to attend the 16th biennial SA Society of Psychiatrists congress, more than 500 delegates including 15 foreign speakers will be arriving in the Buffalo City.

The session has been arranged to address the challenges that are being experienced by the Government to provide adequate mental health care services in South Africa. Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi will also come to the town for attending the same.

The situation of mental health care services in the country is not up to the mark. There is no psychiatrist at Fort Beaufort’s Tower Psychiatric Hospital. Also, sometimes the tasks of doctors are performed by nurses.

The Democratic Nursing Organization of SA has called the Government to manage the deteriorating condition of mental health care sector.

The resources and provisions regarding the mental health services vary between provinces. There is shortage of adequate resources and human power.

As per a study by UCT’s Mental Health and Poverty Project, mental ill health is associated with poverty, low socio-economic status, improper housing, experience with stressful events such as crime and violence, unemployment and social disagreement.

“We knew mental health services were under-resourced in South Africa and it has always been low on the priority list. But what surprised us was the level of inequality between provinces”, said lead researcher, Professor Crick Lund.

They urged Government to visit Towers Hospital to get acquainted with the facts highlighted.