LG introduces world’s largest 3D LED backlit TV

South Korean electronics giant LG added one more feather to its cap by introducing the world’s largest commercial 3D LED backlit TV- the 72LEX9.

As the model number suggests, the new HDTV measures 72 inches, and features full LED backlight, DLNA support, a 480Hz TruMotion panel, and 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

The 72LEX9 contains four HDMI ports along with one USB with YouTube and Google Picasa support. It will require users to wear Stereoscopic 3D glasses, but the Seoul-based company has made no comments on whether the
3D glasses will come with the TV.

The company also didn’t provide any details on the pricing or the global release date for the product. However, it is widely expected to be launched globally during the first half of next year.

But, it is worth mentioning here that the 72LEX9 is the largest with LED backlight, and not the largest 3D TV. The largest 3D TV is Mitsubishi’s Diamond WD-82838 1080p DLP HDTV, which measures 82 inches.