GAME sells out entire allotment of Kinect stock

UK retailer GAME used its official website to announce that it has already sold its entire allotment of Kinect stock.

The retailer said it has already reserved day one Kinect boxes a month ahead of its launch; however, it added that customers could register their names for the next batch it would get after the launch of the Kinect.

Commenting on the topic, the retailer said, “We've already hit our limit for launch but you can still preorder with us right here at game. co. uk for a priority place in the queue.”

GAME, the biggest retailer in the UK, said that they would place new customers on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis in the waiting list.

Gamers are registering the motion sensor in order to avoid a repeat of the Wii launch in 2006, when limited stock in the UK had disappointed many on Christmas morning. Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral for Xbox 360 is all set to hit the United States and the United Kingdom in the first half of next month.