High Levels of E Coli in Avon River

The water of Avon River contaminated with dangerous levels of E Coli is not safe for human health.

The safe levels of E Coli are 270, but at Kerr’s Reach, a hub for student’s training, the concentration is as high as 1500. The worst reading has been confirmed at Dallington Terrace, where E Coli level is at 4500, 17 times more than the normal level.

ECan’s Tim Davie says, “We know that it is human sewerage and that is the difference, we know that it is coming from humans, and therefore there could be viruses and other nasties attached to it”.

The contaminated water that is coming out from the broken sewage pipes is getting mingled with storm water and the level of rivers has also risen with heavy flow of water from pipes. The raw sewage is dumping straight into the Avon River, as a pumping station is under repair.

Dr. Alistair Humphrey, Medical Health Officer is advising people not to visit the river for the recreational purposes, as the contaminated water could affect their health badly.

For the next two days, the water of the Avon River, Kaipoi River, or the lower Waimakariri River and the estuary should not be used, as cautioned by Enviroment Canterbury.

The council workers are still removing weeds from the bottom of the Avon, condoning the warnings. By threatened with a penalty of $5000, Whitebaiters have been made to leave the river.