NACC Advocates ‘Nutrition Standard’ for Checking Malnutrition in UK

In the absence of legal obligation to provide meal services to the pensioners, they are not getting full nutrition diet, as found by a study conducted by the National Association of Care Catering (NACC).

A number of elderly Brits are suffering from malnutrition and the figure tends to rise, as by 2033, about 23% of the population of Britain will be over 65.

The condition is getting worse for aged people suffering from chronic problems like Alzheimer's, whose health is getting weakened due to insufficient nutritional diet.

The meal service providers constrained with tight budgets often neglect pensioners and the researchers discovered that due to sickness caused by malnutrition, many OAPs take shelter in care homes, which incurs high costs to the UK. Other consequences related to malnutrition in aged people include increased hospital stay, increased readmission rates and increased transfer and admission to care homes, which costs Government highly.

NACC suggests that instead of scrapping services, there should be more investment in the health care sector to save money. Citing an Australian study, it told that a £1 spending on good nutrition could save £5 on the health budget.

The NACC report recommends eliminating two different sets of guidelines for nutrition in community meals services that create confusion and initiating a single Nutrition Standard that has been constructed on the 10 Key Characteristics for Good Nutritional Care initiative introduced last month.

"The Nutrition Standard will ensure consistency in the nutritional content of food provided throughout the care catering sector”, said Derek Johnson, NACC Chairman.