Ignorant Britons Leave Everyone Shocked

Several facts have come up which are sure to leave some wondering while others into peals of laughter. A new research has found out the level to which the young Britons today are ignorant.

While 12% of the 18 to 25-year-olds believed that a Caesarean section was a religious group, almost a fifth of them used to think that umbilical cord was a musical note.

There are a wide range of facts of life, which the youngsters do not know. It was found out by the researchers that roughly 10% of them though that eating red meat influenced the sex of a baby.

The funniest of them all is that some even thought that pregnancy lasts 12 months rather than the average nine. This was found during the sex education classes taken in schools. Also almost half of them thought that a baby was able to walk and talk within its first year.

"Given the amount of information available around this subject both at school, amongst peers and from families themselves, it's astonishing how innocent and gullible young adults are on the subject of babies, parenting and childbirth", says relationship expert Tracey Cox.