Health Canada Infoway - A Successful campaign

The data related to the drug-information of Canadians is likely to amass $436 million in the form of savings and better pace of work for Health Canada. The information regarding the amount of profits in the form of savings that have been produced was released on Wednesday by the group that has been responsible for the digitization of the Canadian health system.

The organization that is responsible for the feat is known as Health Canada Infoway. The Organization is a non-profit group that consists of all the health departments of Canada right from the territorial departments to the federal department.

The organization has been started on the pretext of developing and maintaining the health-information system of Canada. It was provided with $500 million as funding by the federal government from the previous budget.

The drug information records that have been compiled by Health Canada Infoway would provide access to doctors, pharmacists and nurses with the information related to patients. The information would involve the information related to the patient's medication and various allergies.

Ruth Ackerman, president of the Canadian Pharmacists Association while commending the new portal stated that health-care professionals were more cautious and were able to provide the correct medication for their clientele following the information of the drugs information records by health Canada Infoway.