One-third of UK households own Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has announced that one in three UK households own a Wii games console.

Nintendo claimed that it sold as many as 8.3 million units of the Nintendo Wii since the games console was launched in the UK.

The sales figure citing by Nintendo was made public by music & software sales monitoring firm Chart Track. Considering the fact that the UK has around 25 million households, Nintendo’s claim just might be factual.

It is the broad range of family oriented video games as well as competitive pricing of the Wii games console that helped it become so much popular with Brits.

In order to provide a further boost to the sales of Wii, Nintendo has collaborated with many popular British celebrities. The celebrities will promote company’s Christmas line-up through a series of live shows and advertisements.

Commenting on the topic, Nintendo UK’s marketing director Dawn Paine said, “This Christmas, with the help of our celebrity friends, we will be helping the nation play together and have fun whatever their age.”

The Nintendo Wii was launched around four year ago, in December 2006, in the UK.