T-Mobile & Orange launches joint network

Orange and T-Mobile customers can now roam across the two networks for free as the two companies have officially launched their joint network, called Everything Everywhere.

The joint network sharing policy is expected to prove beneficial to subscribers on either network because in areas where the Orange signal is weak or non-existent, a customer can switch to T-Mobile, or vice versa.

Orange said that roaming warnings might pop up when its customers switch over to the T-Mobile network, but not to worry, because there would not be any additional charges made for using the another network in the UK.

However, T-Mobile clarified that the coverage would be restricted to 2G for now that means it would be best to use the coverage for talking and texting, and not for mobile broadband.

Furthermore, it should be kept in mind that Orange and T-Mobile customers will still have to pay to call individuals on the other network.

The move will ensure better coverage for more than 30 million customers of both network providers.

The joint entity Everything Everywhere declared previous week that it would slash around 1200 jobs to cut costs.