Crocus Plantation – A Drive to Eradicate Polio

A flower may prove beneficial to get rid of polio, as believed by Rotarians.

The Rotary International End Polio Now Campaign is about to begin and as a part of this campaign, the Swindon will be blooming with 7,000 purple crocus bulbs in the month of October.

The plantation of bulbs has commenced, on Saturday, in Queens Park by the members of the Rotary Club of Swindon Old Town. Around 3,000 crocus bulbs were planted by the volunteers of the Rotary Club in front of All Saints church on the same day.

The plantation of bulbs aim at collecting money for the campaign and spreading awareness to wipe out polio from the globe in the coming trio of years.

The sponsorship of bulb plantation costs 20p and the raised money will be increased by two-folds by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as promised by them.

By planting a significant number of crocuses in October, the Rotary international desires to break the Guiness world record.

"The crocus is a healthy, fun, community based, environmentally friendly way to plant in everyone's mind, the opportunity of being hpart of a historic worldwide campaign to finally eradicate Polio across the world", said Rotarian Eddie Sims.