Chief Commissioner Supports Police for Having Sprayed upon 12-Year-Old Violent Boy

Chief Commissioner, Simon Overland said that police was not at fault for having used capsicum spray in order to restrain a 12-year-old boy as he had been threatening the police personnel with a tomahawk.

Mr. Overland said that the boy behaved very violently when police tried to calm him in Axeldale, which is near Heathcote, central Victoria at around 12.30 pm.

``The young boy was armed, behaving incredibly violently and in the circumstances the officers felt that was an appropriate action", Mr. Overland said today.

It is quite surprising to see a 12-year-old behaving so violently, thus whatever action was taken by the police was absolutely just.

Previously, the Victoria media unit while giving a statement said that capsicum spray was used, since the boy had crossed his limit and this was taken as a last resort.

But a legal group has raised questions, as they have demanded that inquiry must be carried out into the instance.

Hugh de Kretser, Victorian Federation of Community Legal Centres Chief Executive, said that making use of capsicum spray upon a 12-year-old boy was shocking and warranted that an OPI inquiry be carried out.