Confirmed Case of Dengue Reported in Cairns

Doctors in Queensland would be a panicked lot, following the report of a confirmed case of dengue in Cairns. An outbreak now, would lead to the whole flu season being marred, which has not had many cases of dengue being reported in Queensland.

There are twelve people who are under observation and are suspected to have contracted the disease. Dr. Jeffrey Hanna, Medical Director for Queensland Health has announced that further cases of dengue are expected to be reported in the near future after samples of the suspected patients are tested.

She further expressed that reports of dengue were especially disturbing in this season of the year, as once the fever gets a hold, it won’t likely subside any sooner. Queensland Health is worried that the disease might spread to the north of Queensland City, if travelers contract the disease.

The residents of Cairns have been requested by the health authorities to keep themselves safe of the disease. The disease is known to be spread among people by the bite of an infected mosquito, whose biological name is Aedes aegypti.

The symptoms that appear before the bout of dengue fever are excruciating pain in the muscles and joints, appearance of rashes, fever with severe headache and vomiting.