Donors Might Not Be knowing That They are over Donating

The American Institute of Philanthropy warned the pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as the customers, that some of the products which they make or purchase, for the sake of making a donation are sometimes sold at higher prices even after the period of donation is over. The American Institute of Philanthropy is a non-profit entity that guides the donors to taking the most beneficial actions through their donations.

According to Daniel Borochoff explained the issue saying that the manufacturers who make their products, such as the pink products used for the donations of breast cancer charities, promote for their products for a limited duration. After that period even the donation period would be over. After that, some of the local retailers offer the same product with a higher price. The profits would not benefit from such a move, and consequently the charities would not be helped.

Borochoff said, "People of every age are very sympathetic to breast cancer and willing to help, and fundraisers take advantage of that. They are motivated to help, but may not look into whether or not they are being efficient". In order to further guide the donors the American Institute of Philanthropy rated the charities, with the most functional taking an A and the least functional taking an F.