First Death Due to West Nile Virus Reported in DuPage County

The Illinois Department of Public Health revealed that this year, a DuPage County woman who was in her 80s was the foremost person who succumbed to death because of West Nile virus.

It is reported that the woman was detected with West Nile virus in late August. The health officers said that the woman has not been identified as yet.

Last week, DuPage County health officials said that the woman was among the four people who were identified with the virus in the county.

The officials said that apart from her, there was a man in his 70s from Elmhurst, a woman from Lombard in her 60s and a woman in her 50s from Carol Stream.

In a statement, Illinois Department of Public Health Director, Dr. Damon Arnold said, "We continue to see West Nile virus activity across Illinois, but we are seeing very high infection rates in mosquitoes in the northeastern part of the state".

This year, 14 West Nile virus cases came to surface, in comparison to five human cases and no casualties in the previous year.

It is believed that the virus spreads through the bite of a mosquito, which has contracted the virus by feeding on a tainted bird. In majority of the cases, it is seen that the virus shows no symptoms, however, the person might fall sick three to 15 days following the bite of a contaminated mosquito.