Worldwide Cost of Dementia Increasing

As per a latest report issued by the World Alzheimer’s Association, the overall cost of dementia across the world, including Alzheimer's disease, has increased to over $600 billion in the current year.

The report mentions that almost 70% of the total cost in direct medical care and informal care costs is from North America and Western Europe.

The cost to deal with Alzheimer’s disease is very high and in the future there are indications that the financial toll will increase.

According to the statistics, this year around 35.6 million people have been diagnosed with dementia, especially Alzheimer's disease. In high income countries, almost 46% people are suffering from dementia, around 40% of people with dementia live in middle income nations, and approximately 14% are from low income countries.

The President of the Alzheimer's Association, Harry Johns states that in the coming 40 years, the societal cost of Alzheimer's disease will increase by leaps and bounds. He also expressed his concern over the shortage of funds for research work that carries the maximum burden.

It is believed that the number of Alzheimer's disease cases will get double in the coming 20 years. Experts say that the number will reach to 65.7 million in 2030 and over 115 million cases is expected by 2050.