Hashish worth $2.46M Found on Bayly Street; Cops Seize Stash

A huge shed has been found at the back of a Pickering home, which was filled up with hashish worth an amount of $2.46 million. This has been found by the investigators of an alleged drug deal. Durham Regional Police today said that this case is the region's largest seizure ever of illegal narcotic.

The hash found in the shed was displayed brick upon brick by the police at a show-and-tell. These drugs had been found on 9 September on the Bayly Street, but were disclosed to the media yesterday. The person who has been charged in this case with multiple drug trafficking and weapons-related offences is a 35 years old man named George Kononow.

It was said that residents can be left with a shock to know how much hashish was stored just nearby their houses. Det. Cyril Gillis, from Drug Enforcement Unit, said, "If another drug dealer knew that this individual had such a large amount of hash at this residence, there's a lot of violence that can go along with that".

It was also said that storing such illegal drugs in the residences can also lead to drug ripoffs and other residual crimes. This is because in these cases, rippers can just storm into the wrong house in search; and with this, the innocent people can be harmed.

Therefore, the case was of a huge concern for the citizens and the country as a whole.