The Financial Ombudsman’s Complaint List Topped by Lloyds Bank

The table of financial service firms getting the maximum number of complaints to the Financial Ombudsman in the initial six months of this year, has once again, been topped by Lloyds Banking Group. The numbers printed today depict that the banking group, which comprises the Lloyds TSB, Bank of Scotland, Halifax and Black Horse brands, raked in a total of 22,242 complaints in the initial half of this year, in comparison to the 20,190 complaints received in the second half of the previous year.

Almost twice the number of complaints were received for Lloyds TSB Bank, out of which, 4,051 were related to banking and credit.

On the second spot under the list, came Barclays raking in 7,991 complaints, out of which, 4,797 related to banking and credit.

But for the second time, an elevated number of complaints against Barclays were mentioned by the financial watchdog, with 61% to its credit against 45% belonging to Lloyds TSB.

The ombudsman service was delivered with 84,212 new complaints; from 1st January till 30th June term, showing a slight increase from 82,136 cases that were seen in the second half of the previous year.

Natalie Ceeney, Chief Ombudsman and Chief Executive said that the data showed some banks were doing really well, whilst a few needed to mend their management concerning the issue.