Enhanced ambulance service for obese people

Ambulance service bosses have said they have revised their strategy for carrying obese patients after a 30-stone man, who later died, fell from a stretcher. The revised strategy means more ambulances for obese people.

In March Kenny Williams was being moved from his home in Newmarket, Suffolk, to a specialist ambulance when he fell off the stretcher and it costed Williams his life.

The service had employed a private firm to carry obese patients as its own vehicles were not suitably equipped to do the task efficiently.

A spokeswoman said the service used private specialist ambulances to carry obese patients but the aim was to rely less on outside agencies in future. "The trust fleet strategy has been revised and a need to incorporate a greater bariatric capacity has been identified," said the spokeswoman.

"We sometimes need to call on a private ambulance services for a specialist ambulance vehicles to convey patients whose body weight exceeds 25-30 stones," said the spokeswoman.

The spokeswoman also added that, "It also means that in future we will rely less on outside agencies to get across patients in this category."