DGCA for More Security in Air

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is contemplating to provide more power to the co-pilot in its airspace. The DGCA’s move to issue the circular states the empowering of the co-pilot regarding the safety of passengers in the aircraft.

The circular has been forwarded by the DGCA due to the conversations that were heard between the pilots of the Kingfisher aircraft, which had recently crashed in Mangalore, resulting in the death of 158 people.

According to the conversations, it was made out that the co-pilot had advised the pilot to go-around citing safety reasons. The pilot though did not pay any heed to warnings by the co-pilot.

The co-pilot has been empowered by the circular to take over the aircraft if the pilot does not pay heed to the co-pilot’s warnings on two occasions, for the safety of the passengers in the aircraft.

Though, there is another twist to the tale of the air-crash in Mangalore, the most possible reason, why the pilot did not pay any attention to the warnings by the co-pilot was possibly because of the implications the pilot would have to face, if they would have gone around.

According to the policies of the DGCA, if a pilot plans to go around it can lead the pilot to report right up to the DGCA.

Indian skies have been considered to be safe historically, let’s hope they remain that way in the near future.