NH police arrests three men who used Facebook to commit several burglaries

Police in Nashua, New Hampshire, has taken two Nashua teenagers and a Massachusetts resident under arrest for committing burglaries in dozens of homes, prowling $100,000 to $200,000 worth of money and goods.

The three suspects used social networking sites such as Facebook to find people who weren’t at home. They used to target people who posted their locations on their social network profiles.

Commenting on the topic, Nashua Police Capt. Ronald Dickerson said, “We know for a fact some of these players were identifying their victims from these social networking sites.”

Privacy advocates have already been claiming that posting personal details on social networking sites could put users’ life and property at risk.

Police detectives Robert MacLeod and Dan Archambault were investigating more than 50 burglaries that were reported in August. One of the burglaries had involved a large amount of fireworks. The detectives found a fireworks package on a street that led to a store that was containing large amount of stolen property such as digital cameras, flat-screen televisions, CDs, DVDs and the like.

Detectives also found NH National Guard bags, disassembled guns, knives, and $8,600 in cash from the store.

The suspects, if found guilty, could be sent behind the bars for up to 15 years.