Bono dons Spider-Man mask in first glimpse of his musical

During the first glimpse of the new big-buck musical about Spider-Man, Bono and The Edge put on the superhero’s masks.

In fact, Bono expressed how happy he was for having recovered from his back surgery, adding that he was lucky to be walking let alone prancing around the stage. He feels that right now dancing may be too much for his body to take.

He added that the German doctors who operated him and did the surgery had provided him with great service and that he is now rebuilt with a better design. He said he couldn’t believe his luck that he was back so soon from the surgery.

Talking on the USA TV show Good Morning America about the upcoming musical, Bono and The Edge also had the band from the show, led by singer Reeve Carney who is playing the character of Spider-Man, give a preview of a song written by the band U2 of which Bono is a part of. The song is called 'Boy Falls From The Sky'.

The Edge has been heard saying that one of the best things about the casting is that only do they get Reeve, a great singer, but also his band.