to launch Chatter Mobile app is working on a mobile version of its Chatter business networking app to allow users to keep abreast with others on the move.

During its Cloudforce conference in London, Salesforce chairman and chief executive Marc Benioff said that the new service, Chatter Mobile, would help users know what is happening in your entire enterprise from anywhere.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Benioff said, “Chatter Mobile means you can know what is happening in your entire enterprise wherever you are.”

Chatter Mobile, which will allow users to keep in touch with their colleagues while on the move, will be compatible with the iPhone, iPad, RIM Blackberry phones and Android devices. Support for Windows Phone 7 will be added as soon as Microsoft’s phones appear in the market.

Features of the Chatter Mobile include the ability to filter Chatter feeds to view particular team projects, customers and information on particular business dealings.

Chatter Mobile is quite a lot like social network Facebook, but it is mainly intended for businesses.

The upcoming Chatter Mobile will be made available as a free addition to the platform. is yet to announce a specific release date for the Chatter Mobile, but it is widely expected to be released by the end of current year.