Subway Workers' to Disrupting Travelers

3.5 million Tube travelers in London shall face disturbance today with as much as 10,000 of the subway's drivers, station workers and engineers performing the opening of a sequence of 24-hour work stoppage over employment engrave.

The strike over 800 jobs and limited hours for ticket offices will commence today since discussions broke down preceding week. London Mayor Boris Johnson has beckon in 100 additional buses and a 500-berth boat that shall incorporate 10,000 people on the River Thames to support commuters.

According to the approximation made by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry the walk out, the fourth to close down the London Subversive since 2002, may charge the economy by 48 million pounds. Picket lines will be operated athwart all major stations and depots and the stroke will create wholesale commotion to services athwart the complete Tube network, as per the RMT spokesman Geoff Martin in an e-mailed report.

Maintenance and engineering workers shall strike from 5 p.m., trailed for four hours afterward by drivers, signalers and station workers. Additional stoppages are listed for the similar times on Oct. 3 and on Nov. 2 and Nov. 28.