Huge Demand of New Jobs in Leisure, Tourism, and Accountancy Sectors

There is a huge demand for new employees in the leisure, tourism, and accountancy sectors. As a result of increased demand, the public sector has managed to prevent a slump in the economy.

According to Reed, which is a staffing Company, the overall status of the job market in the month of August has been stable even though the average pay for the new positions has gone down by £200 to £31,700.

As per the Reed's Job Index, the demand for new jobs is different in various regions all over the nation. The job demand in London region has decreased while the new jobs have shown an upward trend in Scotland and Northern Ireland areas.

The demand for new accountants in Reed job index in the month of August has increased by 17% as compared to when the index started its business in December 2009. Experienced qualified accountants are also in great demand.

Mr. Warnes, who is the Managing Director of reed. co. uk, said that despite the holiday season, the Reed Job Index has shown steady rise and is a quite encouraging for the overall economic condition of the country.

He further said that the business services sector has stuck to slow and steady pace, but is now picking up over the summer break.