Indian Government might soon question Google, Skype

Indian government is set to take a backlash on Gmail and Skype, soon after questioning the norms of Research In Motion (RIM).

The reports of USA today states that the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs will seek for a demined in order to access data which is being stored on Google based Gmail services in addition with the Skype's Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

An official at the home ministry stated: "If a company is providing telecom services in India, then all communications must be available to Indian security services. If Google or Skype have a component that is not accessible, that will not be possible."

He further added that the regulators need to release notices to firms where they need to adapt with the given norms of the authorities for lawful permit of the data or might have to face the show down in the nation.

Meanwhile all due attention is given in regard of criminals and terrorists who access the services in order to exchange information pertaining to attacks.