Study: Negative News Relating Youth Boosts Self-Esteem in the Elderly

A study has been able to show that people, aged 50 and over get high amount of boost in their self-esteem after they read negative news concerning the young populace.

Also along with that, the researchers informed that if youngsters are offered the freedom to choose about what they’d like to read, it is most likely to be something relating their own age group rather than reading any tales or stories concerning the older posterity.

Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick, PhD, of Ohio State University, and the study researcher told WebMD that the given study mirrored information that young people do not give much importance to information relating the elderly since they found it irrelevant.

Co-researcher, Matthias R. Hastall, a PhD alumna at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany, studied 276 adults, which included 98 people belonging to the 55 and 60 age group and 178 from 18 and 30.

Older volunteers mainly chose negative articles relating young posterity. Young people did not show much interest in reading articles about elderly people, without focusing on whether they were choosing any negative or positive article.

The conclusion of the study shows that older people showed more interest in reading negative stories on youngsters, which helped them boost their self-esteem.