Study: Initial Four Months for New-Moms Deprive Them of Quality Sleep

A new study is of the suggestion that although there has been very strong belief that new moms more often than not are able to receive decent amount of sleep in the initial few months after having given birth to a baby, but the amount of sleep that these new moms get, is not a quality-sleep.

The study, which kept a track on new mothers, discovered that on a standard basis, the women could afford to sleep merely for 7 hours each night, which was in the first four months of the babies being born.

That is a range suggested for adults or more than what a typical American slept per day.

On the contrary, the study established that, sleep, of such women was on and off disturbed, which is almost equal to being awake for the whole night.

This finding could come as a surprise to all the new parents.

Dr. Hawley E. Montgomery-Downs, who is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at West Virginia University in Morgantown, said that the study did challenge the notion of the assumptions made in relation to new mom’s typical duration of sleep required and that which is taken in actuality.

The best way out to get enough sleep in this case is that new moms must nap while their baby is napping during the day.