Cathy Fisher Shares her Hair Fall Experiences during Cancer Treatment

During the cancer treatment, Cathy Fisher’s hair started to fall out and eventually she had to cut her hair off.

After having a third course of chemotherapy for breast cancer, Cathy, who is 44 year old, had undergone the cancer treatment in Velindre Cancer Centre.

According to Cathy, loss of hair during cancer treatment was devastating. After that, she had decided to work with Breast Cancer Care’s headstrong service, which helps people to muddle through the problem of hair loss.

“You’re told you have cancer and for most it’s a shock – you’re well one day and then suddenly you’re whole world is turned upside down”, Cathy said.

Cathy says that once it is discovered that a patient is suffering from cancer, doctors may recommend him or her for surgery and after that people very quickly get on to chemotherapy and a patient has to accept what comes in his way.

After some time patients’ hair starts falling and they are told that hair falling is the least of all the problems and it is considered as a side effect.

Cathy said that she has experienced the feeling of people, while working with headstrong service that they often broke down, when it comes to hair fall.

Cathy shared her experiences and said that it’s very devastating to see the hair lying on the pillow, when one wakes up in the morning.