Google patches Gmail bug that turned email into spam

Google patched a Gmail bug that caused some users’ accounts to re-send messages multiple times.

The glitch that was reported on Thursday evening affected around 2.5 per cent of Gmail users. The glitch remained prevalent for several days, which is clear from complaints filed by users in the Gmain help forum.

Speaking about the glitch, the company said, “The affected users are able to access Google Mail, but are seeing error messages and/or other unexpected behaviour.”

Earlier this week, the internet search giant Google rolled out a new voice-calling service for Gmail, but there is no clue if the new feature played a role in the concerned glitch.

Earlier on Wednesday, Google rolled out the new service to allow Gmail users to make free long-distance calls from within Gmail to a mobile or landline phones. Making calls to the US and Canada cost nothing; however, other calls costs in the range of 2 cents to $4.99 per minute, depending on the country.

On the left side of Gmail page, there is now a “call phone” option in the list of contacts to chat with. A user can dial using a keypad that crops up, or enter a contact’s name to make a call to him/her.

However, the voice-calling service for Gmail is presently available only in US.