Fifth Syringe Recall of the Year Angers Pharmacists

A move for recalling syringes used for the treatment of hypoglycaemia has annoyed pharmacists, as they say that this is the fifth such recall seen for the year.

Novo Nordisk’s GlucaGen Hypokit 1 mg is the drug that has been recalled. It is used to treat low blood sugar but since some cracks were found in a few of syringe kits, a recall was ordered.

The Pharmacy Guild said that it would be counseling the community chemist to not postpone the recall procedure since it is a matter of safety of all the patients.

The Guild’s Chief Executive, Annabel Young said that such recalls are not so common but seeing the fifth one was surprising.

However, Guild said that for now the recalls were subjected to litigation and that pharmacists must maintain a record of time and costs borne concerning the recall.

Pharmacists have been ordered to send a bill to Novo Nordisk for the recall service offered after the firm requested for the same.

The guild said that the count of units that will in most probabilities be affected by the trouble is not going to sum up to a massive amount, but there is a high risk looming in regards to patients’ safety.