Burnham Group Raises £3k Fund For Breast Cancer

Group of Burnham charity supporters have lent their helping hand to Breakthrough Breast Cancer group. The group, which conducts concerts and other fund raising moves for numerous charities, including Breakthrough Breast Cancer, was successful in raising £3,000.

Members of the Somerset Breakthrough Breast Cancer group were reported to move to Dunkeswell airfield for a 15,000ft skydive in a bid to raise the aid.

“It was a brilliant day, although they were all very nervous. It was very nerve-wracking for us on the ground as we watched them fly up into the clouds”, Chairman Christine Piper was quoted while thanking everybody who lent his or her involvement in the noble task. “Then, after what seemed like hours, they were floating down towards us”.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer, a charity group, aims to combat against this malignant disease in women through their robust research, campaigning and education.

In 2008, Breakthrough Breast Cancer unveiled their first and only breast cancer research unit in Scotland at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, said Pamela Walker, Fundraiser, Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Recently, Breakthrough Breast Cancer came up with a fundraising initiative, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 2010.