Infidelity Rises with Difference in Income Levels

‘Gender identity threat’ is one thing than can make a man cheat on his partner. A new study has found that males earning less than their wives are most likely to cheat while the opposite is the case for women.

Women who earn less than their husbands do not like to fool around with other men whereas when women start to earn more than their counterparts, they stand a better chance to have relationships outside marriage.

Christin Munsch, a graduate student at Cornell University, carried out a national survey that tracked 9,000 people beginning in 1997 when all of them were children. When the subjects were between 17 and 27 years, she studied the research from 2001-2007. Between the years 2002 to 2007, 3% of the women were reported to have sex outside marriage, and the figure was 7% for men.

And it was the Black and Hispanic men who were most likely to fool around than white men, for it depended on higher education and religious observance, she asserted. The disparity in income level hence played an important role when talking of infidelity, she concluded.

All the studies carried out earlier on infidelity had never taken into account the money factor, which for sure was one of the major reasons. Also, the rate of infidelity was the highest in cases where one of the partners made a lot of money in comparison to the other, irrespective of the gender.