Lily’s Alzheimer’s Project Fails; Clinical Trials Halted

Tuesday saw Eli Lily bringing a halt to its two late-stage clinical experiments on Alzheimer’s treatment, which was a representation of the delay to one of the leading theories on offering a treatment for this degenerative condition and a blow to the growing future prospects for Lily’s business.

The firm informed that the patients who had taken the drug took it with the intention of reducing plaque in the brain, but the trials fetched worse cognitive functioning and deteriorated ability to function and perform daily regular tasks than those patients who had consumed a placebo.

Medical Director for the Alzheimer’s team at Lily, Dr. Eric R. Siemens, said that the results were totally astonishing.

The patients also ran a greater risk of suffering from skin cancer. The trials also involved the drug semagacestat, which started in the year 2008.

The prices of shares in the firm that is based in Indianapolis have plunged by 5% in the previous week since Lily had been facing troubles involving the well known drugs that it manufactures.

Lily officers said that yet they would follow over 2,600 Alzheimer’s patients in 31 nations who had been enrolled to take part in the study for another six month’s time period.