San Francisco May Enact a Law to Restrict Toys with Meal over Nutrition Issues

San Francisco may exercise a law that would prohibit the use of toys in restaurants for attracting kids if they don’t provide nutritious food to them.

Many food-chains, including McDonald's and Burger King, sell kids meals by adding toys to them so as to lure them. As per the new proposed legislation, in order to carry on with this toy plus meal system, they would have to make meal less caloric with low contents of fats, carbohydrate, sugar and salt. Also, the restaurants will have to add fruits or veggies in the meals for kids.

As per the NPD Group reports, the kids get overjoyed on getting toy with the meal and as surveyed. More than 36% of the kids below six prefer to eat out for the sake of toys and 16% likes to go out for food.

Michael Jacobson, Executive Director of the consumer group Center for Science in the Public Interest, said, "Companies know it doesn't work to advertise food to kids — they want the toy".

The trend of giving toys along with the meal was initiated by big food-chains, which have been replicated by the local food servers in New York.

The law will be applied to all the big and the small fast food restaurants and under the Health Care Act; it will become a Federal law in 2014.

The law has already been adopted by Santa Clara County, but implemented on a small fraction of restaurants.

Rajiv Bhatia, Environmental Health Director for San Francisco, expressed that the execution of such a law in not a good idea as food-chains can confirm to it by altering the meals a little and claiming them to contain nutritious contents.