Study: Delayed Pregnancy Accredited to High Stress Levels

It is for the first time that a scientific study has established that high stress leads to delay in pregnancy.

Experts at Oxford University gauged stress hormones in women, who had been planning to start a family the natural way and then found that the ones that were extremely stressed did not have good chance at conceiving.

They said that in cases like these, relaxation works wonders.

The study that has been published in the journal Fertility and Sterility followed 274 healthy women belonging to the age group 18-40 in plans to go the family way.

It is well known that habits such as smoking, obesity and alcohol intake can have adverse effect upon pregnancy success, but the kind of impact that stress can have upon it is yet unclear.

Two stress level markers, adrenalin, that is to fight hormone and cortisol that is related to chronic stress had been measured in the saliva.

Women who had high levels of adrenalin had 12% reduced chances to conceive during the fertile days to the month contrasted to those of lowest levels of the marker.

Cortisol did not show any difference in the chances of conceiving.

It has been perceived that stress leads to infertility; however, there has been no scientific proof about the same.