Alleged Hacker of RBS WorldPay 2008 Extradited to US

In 2008, a precision strike had been witnessed on the payment processor RBS WorldPay, and one of the accused masterminds of that incident faced U.S. justice on Friday, after being extradited from Estonia. From Tallinn, Estonia, belongs 26 years old Sergei Tsurikov, who was accused in the federal court of Atlanta.

This computer crime had been one of the most unbeaten ones with an amount of $9.4m stolen in less than a period of 12 hours, for which Tsurikov has been found as one of the leaders to guide this crime. He is thus, presently facing a lot many charges of hacking and fraud, including, conspiracy, wire fraud, computer fraud, and aggravated identity theft.

Tsurikov was put behind bars in the month of March in Russia. But, when on Friday, he was brought to the court in Atlanta, he was not found guilty of any of the charges. Along with Tsurikov, there are seven more alleged partners in crime, who have been accused with the same charges.

“In November 2008, in just one day, an American credit card processor was hacked in perhaps the most sophisticated and organized computer fraud attack ever conducted”, said U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates. RBS WorldPay is the division of Royal Bank of Scotland Group and is a payment processing distribution of it.