SAP- Oracle Case Gets an Unexpected Turn

Lending an unexpected turn to one of the most famous corporate surveillance case, SAP AG said on Thursday that it has decided not to fight the case. The Company said that it will no more be claiming that a subsidiary illegally took crucial data from Oracle Corp. and clarifying the blames that SAP used the same for stealing customers. This case is a prominent one, as it involves two major business software makers.

This case mostly revolves around the customer-support data compiled by Oracle, which was only accessible to the customers and third parties via password-protected websites.

After the revelation of this matter, the biggest concern was that of the criticality of the data. Before the trial starts over Oracle's lawsuit in the month of November, Oracle has said that SAP must pay $1 billion for the damages, while SAP is arguing that the figures are largely “overstated".

The subsidiary of SAP that is involved in this case is TomorrowNow, and it extended software support services till the time SAP closed the unit in the year 2008. It is alleged that this unit misused the access, which it had for the customer support data.

It has been blamed by Oracle that TomorrowNow surreptitiously downloaded the data and that ultimately, it was kept for mistreating it for benefiting SAP's applications software platform.